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Comfort Women! Comfort Girls! Sex Slaves! Prostitutes and "professional camp followers"....SORRY!

Japanese PM apologizes to WWII 'sex slaves'

TOKYO (CNN) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologized Monday to women who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the world war II, according to government officials.

"I am apologizing here as a prime minister," Abe said during a budget committee at the upper house of the Diet -- the Japanese parliament -- according to officials from the foreign ministry and prime minister's office. Abe also said he stands by the Kono statement, referring to the official apology issued by Yohei Kono, then chief cabinet secretary, in 1993 that acknowledged military's -- thus the government's -- involvement in establishing brothels and recruiting women for the brothels.

Abe has been criticized at home and abroad after comments he made earlier this month in which he denied the involvement of the government in recruiting so-called "comfort women" to service soldiers during the second World War. Earlier, Abe said there would be no new apology even if U.S. lawmakers adopted a resolution introduced by U.S. Rep. Michael Honda, D-Calif., to demand a clear apology for the suffering of the sex slaves. --From CNN Producer Yoko Wakatsuki (Posted 8:18 a.m.)

Well done WCCW (Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues). Well done Ms. Dong Woo Lee-Hahm ,Dr. Ok Cha Soh(Washington Bible College) ,Stephen Choi  , Dr. You Me Park , Ms. Christine Choi , Prof. Christopher Simpson , OCRT , Cohen Milstein lawyers , Adam Gamble ,Norma Field VAWW-Net and all the rest of prostitute-turned-sex slave crusaders.

Well done Yun Chung Ok, Lee Hyo Cha, Kim Yun Ok, Lee Mi Gyeong, Lee Oh Gyeong Sook (The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal ) with your ridiculous farce of a trial without the accused (Japanese Imperial Army and Navy ) producing this joke of a verdict:
The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery was held in Tokyo from Dec. 7 to Dec. 12, 2000 and ended with Japanese King Hirohito and the Japanese government found guilty on all charges. The aim of the tribunal was "to find all the facts and truth about wartime sexual violence against women before and during World War II, including Military Sexual Slavery by Japan system, to clarify a responsibility of the perpetrators, both the state and individuals, and to restore the survivors' dignity and justice. Since neither the government nor the courts of Japan are fulfilling this obligation, we, NGO women are doing this work through our own efforts". The Korean Council made the co-indictment for the Tribunal in cooperation with North Korea. The two Koreas worked as one through their efforts to solve the Military Sexual Slavery by Japan issues. (They do not even know that the Japanese monarch is an emperor not a king)

Considering that there were prostitutes but absolutely no sex-slaves this is good going , and since a lot of people seems to profit from this alleged Japan-sex slave cacophony it is not going to stop.  Ms. DongWoo Lee-Hahm even wormed her way into the white house on this account:

c.w.jpg It is also a tragic farce that these professional smear campaigners can get away with luring the US ambassador Thomas Schieffer , Australian P.M. ,Canadian-and US-politicians to jump on the bandwagon echoing their postulated crime accusations and ridiculous demands . It is an ill camouflaged campaign to forge endless political capital of  prostitution and the Imperial japanese Army. com-w-1.jpg

The only neutral evidence and impartial document on the Japanese army brothels/prostitutes is the report by: Psychological Warfare Team Attached to U.S. Army Forces India-Burma Theater APO 689 
Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49.Place interrogated: Ledo Stockade 
Date Interrogated: Aug. 20 - Sept. 10, 1944 Date of Report: October 1, 1944 .By: T/3 Alex Yorichi 
Prisoners: 20 Korean Comfort Girls.Date of Capture: August 10, 1944. Date of Arrival: August 15, 1944 at Stockade All alleged war-crime-sex slave stories fronted by retired  "comfort women" and their coaches,trainers, selfish calculating "supporters" as well as other tools used by some Korean organizations to discredit the Japanese army/navy additionally trying to pressure the Japanese government and juridical system should be dismissed. Unless serious documentation by neutral institutions can be produced , any " tribunal" or litigation without legal representation of the accused (japanese army/navy)should be considered as invalid .

P.M. Abe can apologize just as other japanese politicians before and after him.That does not change the fact which according to Psychological Warfare Team U.S. Army Forces in August 1944 is: A "comfort girl" is nothing more than a prostitute or "professional camp follower" attached to the Japanese Army for the benefit of the soldiers. "

Until the formal surrender of Japan , 2 September 1945 prostitution in Japan and in all teritories under Japanese administration civil and military was fully legal and publicly and traditionally accepted. There is therefore no bases of any legal action unless some special retroactive law is created specifically to redefine prostitution.

This is the real reason for all the "renaming" (sex slaves ,war-crimes ,mass rape ,etc ,etc) efforts dominated by Korean organizations and political interests. Prostitution was abolished by the Japanese government in 1958 . However prostitution does not extend to a "private agreement" reached between a woman and a man in a brothel. There are 150.000-200.000 foreign women prostitutes in Japan today. Most of them from Thailand, Philippines , China ,Korea , Russia and former communist Europe. May bee they should already qualify as future sex slaves and rape-victims too ??

It is understandable that Korean national pride is hurt by the fact that so many korean women worked in wartime brothels as well as one can feel compassion that so many korean and chinese poor families had to sell their daughters services for advance payment. It is therefore uttermost detestable , abhorrent and disgusting that so many politicians ,organizations , religious interests and opportunistic individuals are trying to take advantage of and profit from this tragedy.

by Gabor Fabricius


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