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Mayor Frank Quintero on Korean-American vote-fishing expedition.

Japan Times Aug. 4, 2012:

Quote: "California city proclaims Korean Comfort Women Day
GLENDALE, California — The city of Glendale, about 16 km outside Los Angeles, marked a Korean Comfort Women Day earlier in the week.

"The forced military prostitution by (Imperial) Japan, unprecedented in its cruelty and magnitude, is one of the largest cases of human-trafficking in the 20th century," Mayor Frank Quintero said.

"It is an issue the government of Japan has to address clearly, because it should have been taken care of in the 1940s."

Quintero was speaking at an event organized by a Korean-American group on the fifth anniversary of the House of Representatives passing a bill urging Tokyo to apologize to women forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army."

The event in Glendale also served as a fundraiser for three comfort women memorials planned in California, which hosts about 500,000 of the 1.7 million Americans of Korean descent.

It is sad, that repeating the same false acquisition of the Imperial Japanese Army is still election-bacon, serving local political interests in the USA, ignoring that the accused is not in the position to defend it self, since it ceased to exist in 1945. This will not change the fact that the centuries old Korean tradition of selling or adopting away "surplus girls" , often with the purposes of improving the economy of power stricken peasant families , is still practiced today. There is no statistics available of North Korean girls serving in China, where they are considered to be the most attractive concubines or prostitutes. Given the hopeless economic situation of their country, they surely number many thousands. South Korea has the longest running international adoption program and has sent the most children overseas for adoption than any other country in the world to date – 150,944 children between 1953 and 2006 according to official statistics from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. Of this total, 104,319 were adopted by American citizens constituting approximately one out of every ten Korean-Americans.

Major Frank Quintero figured that many of these kids, by far mostly girls, can now vote and they love to hear these horror stories, as well as they would never blame the parents for selling or adopting away their daughters for financial gain. ( The JIA often paid the parents two years advance payment, helping them to get out of loan-shark claws. Many of the girls could go back home after the two years but many preferred to stay since they had nothing to go back to.) The defenseless JIA is indeed a comfortable scapegoat, as well as harmless, since nobody from six feet under will drag Major Quintero to justice, for slandering, dishonoring dead JIA servicemen and falsifying history.

As for the "comfort women memorials" they will end up just like the thousands of Communist statues in Eastern Europe. Falling into total oblivion.

By Gabor Fabricius


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