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We are some people who think that the word gaijin is exellent........ not for ketou's in Japan............. but for anybody who is not making a living in their own culture.

Obviously W.C Japan Times staff writers and other depigmented neanderthals would like to modify the japanese language so the "gastarbeiter"s in Japan can feel more....... respected.

Maybe they are right.

There are several possible substitutes for the word Gaijin, like Ketou or the more precise Depinc or DNC (depigmented neanderthal christian ) since Indojins, Arabjins, Kokujins, Chosenjins, Malayjins and other non whites are not Gaijin and we do not want to offend muslims, hindus, jews, buddhists, What about W.N. (short for White Nigger to save ink and paper) exclusively for Arudou-kun, Eigojin for all english teachers, Jazz-ya for musicians , Mizu-ya for entertainers and models, Donkanjin for Australians, Tarzanjin for white muscular males, and ............Ketou for all the rest.

Additional solutions, the eigoya at Japan Times can figure out by themselfs.

by Gabor Fabricius


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